Monthly Archives: January 2009


Being at the ECRYPT VAMPIRE research retreat in Bristol at the moment, I have just become aware of become aware of OpenSCA, a toolbox by Elisabeth Oswald for experimenting with side-channel attacks. Unfortunately, although being open-source, it is built upon the commercial (and expensive, I might add) Matlab instead of an open-source mathematics package like SAGE. The reason for that seems to be that MATLAB offers toolboxes like the Instrument Control Toolbox that allow for easy communication and data exchange with measurement instruments. I wonder whether there are any Python packages that would allow you to do the same from within SAGE…

Message from your host: Resurrection

The last post on this blog has been almost a year ago. A lot has changed in my life since. I have long thought about whether I should shut down this blog or resurrect it.

Finally, somewhen this weekend I have decided on resurrecting it after attending the Seminar on Symmetric Cryptography in Dagstuhl last week. A couple of things will change, I will probably relocate to a new server, but everything should be running smoothly again by the end of the week.

Expect new content soon.